Brian Bartz
Art & Technology
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Brian Bartz is a new media artist and occasional adjunct professor living and working in Berkeley, California. He received his BA in studio art from Reed College in 2017, and received his MFA in art practice from UC Berkeley in 2020, with a certificate in New Media through the Berkeley Center for New Media. His works have been shown throughout numerous venues on the west coast of the US, and he has received numerous awards and fellowships, including the San Francisco Foundation Cadogan Award, the Eisner Prize for Excellence in Creative Practice, and the Kaspar T. Locher Fellowship.

His practice is invested in thinking about digital network technologies materially, often situating them within landscapes as a way to dispute the common misconception that they are immaterial. His works engage with our varying anxieties as digital subjects, contextualizing them within larger frameworks of corporate and state surveillance, extractive industry, and the deeply entangled histories of military and consumer technologies.

His most recent projects unpack the ways in which new media technologies facilitate a turning inward of extractive neoliberal logics onto our own minds. He is interested in flattening the space between the geological extraction necessary to develop smart-technologies and the auto-exploitative tendencies they foster in users, considering both to be a process of terraforming.