face cage generator, 2017.

This is a Mac OSX application I put together, which is designed as a tool for artists and activists wishing to generate facial landmarks or "face cages" from images of people. Computer vision and facial recognition softwares are based on biometric technologies which categorically oppress minority groups, frequently and intentionally demarcating them as abnormal. This type of technology is increasingly finding use in both commercial and military software, helping surveil those who are deemed to be especially "high risk." It is at times necessary to use the language of power in order to disturb and disrupt it. This software is intended for individuals who wish to deploy this technology subversively.

This application was initially created for Gerri Ondrizek's forthcoming project on the use of biometric technologies to surveil refugee groups fleeing Syria, but is free for use by anybody. The facial landmarks are generated using the dlib facial landmark detection algorithm, and the face cages are created using an algorithm known as Delaunay Triangulation. Thanks to the site created by Dr. Satya Mallick for providing much of the code base for this application.

Click here to download the application.