lossy compression, 2019 (ongoing).

Digital photo archive, wireless transceivers and micro-computers, helium balloons, memory receipts

In the first iteration of this performance, a micro-computer was attached to a helium balloon and released into the air. The computer on the balloon continually generated and transmitted a poem back to the receiver cube (pictured below) on the ground, until the balloon was out of range and the transmission dropped (around 1km). The poem from the first iteration can be found here.

In the second iteration, the receiver cube was outfitted with a receipt printer and a hard-drive containing the only original copies of some 40,000 photographs I took age 15-20. The helium balloon was outfitted with a microSD card, and as it floated away, the cube would wirelessly send the balloon a random selection of photographs from the archive. Once the photographs were copied to the balloon's microSD card, the cube would permanently delete the original files from the hard-drive, printing out low resolution copies onto receipt paper (memory receipts).