A Physical Network

"Even as digital networks seem to annihilate or deterritorialize physical space, space seems to continually reappear, often as an unwanted flaw in the system." --Tung-Hui Hu

The Internet is indeed a physical entity, despite the huge efforts to indicate otherwise. Layers of abstraction and obfuscation keep us naive about the digital networks we consume and subsidize on a daily basis. Once a technology becomes embedded within our way of life, we lose sight of it, and so often it becomes an instrument of hegemony.

The infrastructure responsible for the Internet is largely grafted onto older infrastructure, and is continuously concealed; the unethical labor and physical consequences inherent in this are rendered invisible, abstracted right into the air itself.

The following are two related projects. The first is an edition of artists's books, the second is the set of maps found in those books turned into a standalone lightbox.

Cloud Book (A Cloud is a Physical Object), 2016.
Inkjet prints on transparency film and rice paper, silk paper, engraved clear plexiglass cover, fabricated by Brian Bartz, Reed College Press, 2016. Edition of 5

Graft, 2017.
wooden light box, 3 maps printed on plastic, layered.

From top to bottom: